Staff & Leadership

Ryan & Stefanie Henkelmann


Ryan and Stefanie moved to Chilliwack to take up the position of Pastor in September of 2016.  They are both born and raised in Edmonton, AB, but Pastor Ryan lived in Chilliwack previously for 3 years as part of the mentorship program for pastors, with Sister Stefanie joining him as his wife for a year.

Alfred & Ingrid Brix

Seniors' Ministry

Alfred & Ingrid Brix are a retired pastor couple that served the local Chilliwack church for many years in the past.  When they retired they returned to Chilliwack where Alfred continues to help along in the ministry, especially with the seniors.

Gerry & Marlene Thiessen


Gerry is the chairman of the church board.  Gerry and his wife Marlene together with their two children moved to Chilliwack 20 years ago.  They have made BC their home and enjoy spending time outdoors and actively participating in church activities.